Domaine de l'Argenteille - SAINT FELIX DE LODEZ (Hérault)
Domaine de l'Argenteille - SAINT FELIX DE LODEZ (Hérault)
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History, traditions, culture and fine wines

Winegrowers in Saint Saturnin de Lucian and Saint-Félix-de-Lodez

The Domaine de l’Argenteille, located in the heart of the Protected Appellations of Origin vineyard TERRASSES DU LARZAC and SAINT SATURNIN.

Passion and tradition have continued in our family estate


In Languedoc, in the village of St Saturnin of Lucian and St Felix de Lodez, and in the heart of the appellations Terrasses du Larzac and St Saturnin, the vineyard of the Domaine de l’Argenteille is located at the foot of the magnificent Rocher des Vierges on the foothills of the Larzac . n this magical setting, the the vineyard rub shoulders with hundred-year-old olive trees on a background of oak forest.

Discover and enjoy the flavour of a quality wine

A Family History


The Domaine de l’Argenteille is an estate of 12 hectares including 8 hectares of vines dedicated to the production of elegant and refined wines in the Appellation Languedoc St Saturnin and Terrasses du Larzac. This domain belongs to our family since 4 generations. Wine is a family story and passion that is passed down from generation to generation. Aimé and Albert, our ancestors, then my father Robert and his brother René successively exploited this domain.

In 2011, Véronique and Roger, with their various experiences in the world of viticulture and oenology, passionate in their souls, and particularly respectful of the heritage of their elders, decided to vinify their own harvest, by perpetuating the tradition while bringing their own sensitivity and passion. In 2016, the new Domaine de l’Argenteille cellar was built, to the delight of Victor who joined them at that time, bringing his youth, passion, temperament, and his experience acquired in several domains of Languedoc.

Enjoy high quality wines produced with passion

The qualities of our family estate

The flavour of wines

To produce authentic wines, we take into account the characteristics of the grape varieties.

A passion for wine

Our winegrowers carry out their work with passion and respect for tradition.

Respect for biodiversity

We produce wines in a way that respects nature, the soil and the fruit.

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