Domaine de l'Argenteille - SAINT FELIX DE LODEZ (Hérault)
Domaine de l'Argenteille - SAINT FELIX DE LODEZ (Hérault)
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Viticulture and Winemaking

The vineyard is managed with respect for the environment with low yields from the oldest part of the property

Each terroir having its own characteristics, we strive to develop them. From the spring, we practice ploughing our patches to eliminate the grass that competes with the vine and harms its good development, in a more ecological way. Well done, this tillage improves the aeration of the soil, its physical structure and the penetration of water. It promotes biological activity and soil life, which improves the diet of the vine. By cutting the superficial roots of the vine, it also forces the vine to root deep. In the end, all this improves the quality of the wine and promotes the expression of the terroir.

We have replaced fertilizer use with the use of bacteria to revive our soils. Micro-organisms and insects multiply and enrich the earth. The wines become more vivid, more balanced and complex, with more freshness. In the fight against the grape-worms (Eudémis and Cochylis), we banned for several years, treatments by insecticides to replace them by the sexual confusion which gives excellent results.

Possessing several vines over various villages, we can vinify different and complementary terroirs. This diversity brings complexity to blending. Winemaking of red wines, after destemming and crushing, are made traditionally, with long macerations, (20 to 35 days) pumping-over, punching of the cap (adapted to the characteristics of each vintage), in order to obtain rich, complex and concentrated wines.

The maturing is done either in vats or barrels. For white and rosé wines, after direct pressing, fermentations are done in tanks at low temperature.

OBJECTIVE 2020 : HVE / High Environmental Value

HVE is a quality mark mention framed by the French public authorities and allows an “exploitation” certification that we are hoping to acquire within three years.

Environmental excellence translated into the achievement of performance thresholds in four areas: biodiversity, phytosanitary strategy, fertilization management and irrigation. The goal is to minimize the use of inputs and preserve biodiversity.

This label is a great reward for our work for many generations.

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